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  • H. G. Farrell- Medicine Sales- Riverboat Deliveries- 1853 to 1863

    This ledger contains medicine related sales made between 1853 and 1863 by Hiram G. Farrell that were to be sent via riverboat to various destinations. The ledger contains the boat names, items being shipped, weight, cost, purchaser, and signatures of clerks or other representatives for the boats. Some early railroad shipments on the Peoria and Bureau Valley Railroad are noted starting in this ledger starting in November of 1854.
  • H. G. Farrell- Medicine Sales- Carriage Deliveries- 1860 to 1869

    This ledger contains medicine and other sales made by the druggist, Hiram G. Farrell, that were to be sent via carriage to central Illinois destinations.
  • Gathered Crumbs: A Peoria Cook Book- 1894 Edition

    This is the 1894 printing of Mrs. Jennie Cunningham McClure's "Gathered Crumbs: A Peoria Cookbook" In Mrs. Jennie Cunningham McClure's own words: "Gathered Crumbs, as the name suggests, is compiled from recipes gleaned here and there from the successes of the skilled and experienced. Over two hundred ladies have contributed the choicest material found in the culinary art, and the names appended to the recipes are a guarantee of their excellence. These lay no claim to originality, but are choice bits of cookery, thoroughly tested and found to be excellent, as well as economical. Any one using them will be rewarded with dishes palatable, and such as will tempt the appetites of the household. The book is carefully indexed, so as to give easiest possible reference; and is provided with blank pages between the principal departments, for the use of those who have additional recipes to record. It is elegantly and substantially bound in oil-cloth, and will stand unlimited service. The favor with which the first edition was received has seemed to justify the issuing of a new and revised number, which, we trust, will commend itself to the needs of any household where good food, well prepared, is desirable."
  • Gustave E. Karl- Clarkson's Peerless Laundry- Barber Shop

    Gustave E. Karl stands in front of Clarkson's Peerless Laundry and Tonsorial Parlor (barber shop) on 2616 S. Adams St.
  • William J. Dobbins Ledger- 1856 to 1888

    This is William J. Dobbin's ledger that ranges from August of 1856 to 1888. Records from his distillery Dobbins & Spurk in Wesley City, grain business, assets, properties, and various personal expenses are listed.
  • Theodothia (Dothia) K. Nevore Postcard- Peoria State Hospital- c. 1905

    This leather postcard was addressed to nurse and seamstress Theodothia K. Nevore at the "Bartonville Hospital" (Peoria State Hospital). Dothia worked as a nurse for a number of years before leaving her home in Pekin to reside at the Peoria State Hospital around 1905; working as a nurse and seamstress. ¹ Dothia would later become ill with a heart condition and move back to Kansas with her Family. She would marry her "sweetheart," Claude Brown, and pass away two months later on February 16, 1909. ²
  • Philander Chase Letter to Edgar Bartow- Oct. 1, 1844

    Bishop Philander Chase wrote this letter On October 1, 1844 from an Episcopal convention in Philadelphia to Edgar Bartow of Brooklyn, NY. Bishop Chase mentions his affection for Illinois and expresses encouraging words towards Mr. Bartow. It appears that the main purpose of the letter to is to inform Mr. Bartow of his mailing address; Robbins Nest, Illinois.
  • F. S. Beavis- Letter to H. E. Andrews- April 18, 1898

    Frank S. Beavis wrote to Horace E. Andrews, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1898 regarding a "special offer." He lists the prices and discounts of bicycles. The brand name '"My Own" Cycles' appears in the letterhead.
  • Peoria Rubber and Mfg. Co.- Letter to H. E. Andrews- April 13, 1896

    The Peoria Rubber and Manufacturing Company wrote to Horace E. Andrews of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1896 regarding a catalog, bicycle prices, and marketing. The the logo for Patee Bicycles is in the upper left corner.
  • F. F. Ide Mf'g Co.- Letter to H. E. Andrews- June 18, 1898

    The F. F. Ide Manufacturing Company writes to Horace E. Andrews of Norway, Maine regarding a sent catalog and quoted bicycle prices. It's signed by Calvin Roberts. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: F. F. Ide Mf'g Co.- Manufacturers of High Art Bicycles- Established 1888- Incorporated 1893- Peoria Illinois, U. S. A.
  • Barnum and Bailey Circus- Souvenir- August 19th, 1892

    Barnum and Bailey gave these booklets out to their Peoria guests on August 19th, 1892. Given its fragility, the cover is the only page scanned at this time. The book will be revisited when I have equipment that can safely make images of the rest.
  • "Medical Compound" Deed of Letters- Patent- Balch and Harkness- September 26, 1868

    This deed of letters for "Improved Medical Compound" invented by James T. Stewart transferred rights from William H. White to Samuel Balch and Marcus O. Harkness. It is dated September 26, 1868. The back is signed by Commissioner of Patents, Mortimer D. Leggett on July 14, 1871. Also see items: 2020-0045, 2020-0048, 2020-0049 ###### PATENT DESCRIPTION ¹ ###### To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, J AMES T. STEWART, of the city of Peoria, in the county of Peoria and in the State of Illinois, have invented an Improved Tonic Medicine or Compound, useful as an invigoration for the stomach, blood-purifier, stimulant, and anti-malaria tonic; and do hereby declare that the following is' a full, clear, and exact description of the ingredients forming the compound, the quantities of each, and the manner of compounding, making, and-using the same. The ingredients and their respective quantities are: Tincture of orris-root, four ounces, weight; tincture of calamus, eleven .drams; tincture of asarum canadensis, four ounces; tincture of gentiau, four ounces; white sugar, six ounces; orange-flower water, four ounces; proof whiskey, one gallon; water, half agallon. To which may be added, for coloring the medicine, caramel, eight ounces, more or less, according to the depth of color desired. Mix the above tinctures together, then add the whiskey and the water; then the caramel, until, the desired color is attained It is then ready to bottle up. The dose is a wine-glass full three times a day, before or after meals. ###### END DESCRIPTION ######
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