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  • Peoria and Oquawka Railroad- Letter to RR President- 1852

    Robert L. Hannaman, the secretary of the Peoria and Oquawka Rail Road Co., writes to the president of the company, Charles Mason, about a Board of Directors meeting that is to take place November 4th, 1852. In a post script he mentions that he requested that Mr. Phelps arrange for a telegraph to be sent to him in New York in order to give Charles Mason enough time to reach Knoxville.
  • Peoria County Whig Party Announcements- 1839

    This item contains two attached leaflets that address the recent vacancy in the state legislature created by the resignation of William Compher. FIRST PUBLIC NOTICE: Moses Harlan writes to the voters of Peoria County rejecting the nomination of the Whig party to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of William Compher. The notice is dated November 18, 1839. SECOND PUBLIC NOTICE: Charles Ballance writes to the voters of Peoria County and asserts that he is by default the current candidate for the Whig party given that Moses Harlan and William J. Phelps have declined to run. He mentioned Mr. Harlan, William J. Phelps, and he were all considered potential candidates at the convention held at "the house of Mr. Coolidge." Additionally, he expressed opinions about the Illinois and Michigan Canal, the completion of railroads, and the sub-treasury system. This notice is dated November 18, 1839.
  • Illinois Champion and Peoria Herald-1834 - Volume 1, No 33

    This is Volume 1, number 33 of the Illinois Champion and Peoria Herald published November 15, 1834. The item consists of a single page with print on the front and back. It is signed "Buxton & Wolford" at the top of the under a note certifying that a list of tax delinquent properties was published. Page one is a series of poems, articles, and stories that appear to be mostly reprinted from other periodicals. Page two contains a list of unpaid property taxes for the county of Peoria and additional local notices.
  • Avery Company- Preferred Stock Certificate- 1912

    Augusta Henn was given stock certificate number 32 for the purchase of 10 shares of preferred capital stock of the Avery Company at $100 per share. It is signed by George L. Avery, secretary of the Avery Company; John B. Bartholomew, president of the Avery Company; Ernest C. Glenny, secretary of the Fort Dearborn Trust and Savings Bank, and Frank H. Jones, secretary of the Continental and Commercial Trust and Savings Bank.
  • Robinson, Dunham & Co.- Broadside Advertisement- 1858

    Robinson, Dunham & Co. advertised the improved 1858 Joyce's Star Mill with this broadside. This broadside was sent to Brimfield farmer, George B. Arnold by agent C. C. Johnson. The following farmers were listed as having bought and are using the Star Mill: PEORIA COUNTY- C. P. Eastman, James Robinson, Thaddeus Alward, David B. Miller, James L. Riggs, John Emery, Jacob Kightlinger, John Ewhalt, S. S. Russell; TAZEWELL COUNTY- William Smith, Willam Vancamp, Alex. Woodbury, David Albright, P. T. Myers, L. W. Shelton, John Gefflinger, Christian Garber, H. S. Lathram, Joseph Birkey, Peter Menard, C.B. Chase, James Strickfadden, Ezra Price, D. & T. Breedlove, William Botsfield, Isaac M. Allison, T. Huff; FULTON COUNTY- Calvin Hart, Jonathan Smith, Norton Loomis, Thos. H. McCullough; MARSHALL COUNTY- James Jackson, Charles Stone Additional Content: Robinson, Dunham & Co., Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Proprietors for the State of Illinois of Reading's Patent Horse-Power Corn Sheller and Cleaner, and Dealers in All Kinds of Agricultural Machinery. Office No. 16 Water Street, Factory on Washington Street, Near Fulton St. Peoria, IL
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