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Collection Preview

  • Negly and Co. - Letter- 1871

    Negly and Co. wrote this letter to a client regarding grain prices and shipment on the Toledo, Peoria and Warsaw Railway. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: E. L. Negly, George Fritze- Office of Negly & Co.- Grain and Commission Merchangs- No. 20 South Water Street- Peoria ILL 1871
  • Henry Louis Shafter Haskell- Cover- Circa 1855

    Envelope sent to Henry Louis Shafter Haskell of Metamora with Peoria postmark. Haskell practiced law in Metamora from 1850-1861.
  • Day Brothers and Company- Letter- 1871

    Day Brothers & Co. wrote this short letter to J. S. & E. Wright & Co. of New York regarding a payment for the sum of $588.21. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: Charles B. Day- Larkin B. Day- Lucius L. Day- Sam H. Van Sickler- Office of Day Brothers & Co.- Importers & Wholesale dealers in Dry Goods & Carpetings- Millard & Decker, Chicago- Peoria, IL- October 17, 1871
  • Peoria Automobile Club Plate- Circa 1915

    This Peoria Automobile Club plate was made by the Onondaga Pottery Company of Syracuse, New York. It is 9 inches in diameter.
  • Frederick Ernest "Fritz" Triebel- Sculpture

    This is a bas-relief sculpture created by Frederick Ernest "Fritz" Triebel. The dimensions are 10 x 14.75 x 0.875 inches. It is cut from white marble. The date and subject are unknown.
  • Davis Reyburn and Co- Letter- 1890

    This letter was written from Davis, Reyburn & Co. to the First National Bank of Kendallville, Ind. regarding a draft written for the amount of $160.48. CONTENTS OF LETTERHEAD: C. A. Davis.- W. S. Reyburn.- Davis, Reyburn & Co.- Farm Machinery, Binder Twine, and manufactures of Buggies and Road Carts.- Peoria, ILL. NOTICE: Two images of the same document are provided. The original typed text has faded, and an enhanced copy has been uploaded.
  • Charles C Clarke- Letter- 1897

    Charles C. Clarke writes from Peoria, Illinois to his brother Chauncey D. Clarke in Peoria, Arizona regarding a payment to be sent, the sale of cattle, distillers setting the price of spirits, company sales of spirits, the operations of a gold mine, a court battle referred to as the "Frost case," and an expression of regret that Chauncey and Maria will not return to Peoria for the winter months. CONTENTS OF LETTERHEAD: Charles C. Clarke- Chauncey D. Clarke- Clarke Bros.- Distillers of Pure Rye Whiskey.- Peoria, ILL.,- October 4, 1897
  • Phelps and Bourland- Letter - 1851

    The firm of Phelps and Bourland wrote this letter on September 16, 1851 to Henry Ashbury of the Quincy, IL land office regarding a list of lands to enter and a payment made.
  • Rouse, Hazard & Co. Letter- 1892

    In this Rouse, Hazard & Company letter written to A. M. Holter Hardware Co. of Helena, Montana on March 16, 1892 by Harry G. Rouse discusses the travel plans of Fred Patee and makes a pitch for their business. The Sylph and Overland bicycles are specifically mentioned. The letter is signed "H G Rouse." Letterhead contents: Established 1864 * Incorporated 1888. - Cycle Department Established 1879 - 328 - 330 S. Adams St. Cor. Harrison.- Cable Address "rouse, Peoria". - H. G. Rouse. Prest- S. Doubet. V. Prest. - S. B. Hazard. Secy & Treasr. - Address all communications to the firm not to individuals. - Rouse, Hazrd & Co. - Successors to Geo. W. Rouse & Son- Importers & Manufacturers Wholesale & Retail Dealers Cycles and Cycling Accessories- All Makes New or Second Hand sold on Easy Payments with no Extra Charge and Lowest Prices Guaranteed. - P. F. Pettibone & Co. Chicago- Dictated by H. G. R.- Peoria, IL
  • President William McKinley Letter to George A Zeller

    President (then candidate) William McKinley wrote this letter to Dr. George A Zeller of Peoria on April 20, 1896. McKinley writes in response to a letter from Zeller expressing concerns about an "attack" on McKinley. McKinley acknowldeges his knowledge of the attack and thanks Zeller for his "devotion." Dr. Zeller would later run the Peoria State Hospital Museum. The envelope that that the letter was sent in was addressed to George A Zeller of Peoria. The letter was sent from Canton, Ohio.
  • Prospect Heights Hotel- Lawn Performance Program- 1895

    This 1895 program was created for a performance of "As You Like It" on the lawn of the Prospect Heights Hotel overlooking the bluffs of the Illinois river. Nearly 1,000 people were in attendance at this "open-air" performance. Program Information Page 1: Prospect Heights, Monday. June 17, 1895 Peoria, Illinois, Mr. Wm. Morris presents his picturesque open air performance of Shakespeare's Pastoral comedy in four acts- As you Like It-- Business Staff Morris Co. -- Manager- Mr. D. V. Arthurs, General Representative- Mr. Curtis Dunhamp, Ass't. Manager- Mr. Geo. Manderback, Treasurer- Mr. J. M. Howard, General Agent- Co. Jack Flaherty, Business Managers- Mr. Chas. Young, Mr. Shesgreen- Musical Director- Mr. Harry Rogers, Stage Manager- Mr. John Sainpolis, Master Machinist- Mr. James Barrett, Property Master- Mr. Geo. McCullough, Calcium Lights- M. John Lucy, Wardrobe Master- Mr. Jack Hurley Program Information Page 2: The Cast-- Orlando- Mr. William Morris, Jacques- Mr. Charles D Herman, Duke Frederick- Mr. James Nelson, Banistude Duke- Mr. James Treacy, Touchstone- Mr. L. O. Hart, Oliver- Mr. John Sainpolis, Amiens (with song)- Mr. Frederick Bendell, Adam- Mr. George Dwight, Le Beau- Mr. Sydney Bell, Sylvius- Mr. Paul Gerson, Corin- Mr. William Culver Program Information Page 3: The Cast-- William- Mr. Walter Kilbourne, Charles (the wrestler)- Mr. Edward Gillespie- Cilia- Miss Frances Whitehouse, Phoebe- Miss Amy Lovie, Audrey- Miss Jean Barrie, Rosalind- Miss Etta Hawkins, Guards, Huntsman, etc., by Messrs. Gardner, Allferli, Hein, Cunningham, Phillips, Keene, Bassett, Wallace. Program Information Page 4: Synopsis-- The horns will announce the beginning and ending of each act. The incidental music in the play by Dr. Arne, Bishop and Mendelssohn, performed by a full Military Band under the direction of Mr. Harry Rogers, assisted by Spencer's Band. Costumes Wigs Boots made for Mr. Morris by Schultz & Co of Chicago, Hepner & Co of Chicago, Aiston & Co. of Chicago- Calciums frunished by CHicago Calcium Light Company. Music Programme-- March "Indepentio"- Hall, Overture "Barbe of Seville"- Rosini, Selection from Milloecker's Opera "Poor Johnathan"- arrg. Wiegand, Russian Muzurka "La Czarina"- Ganne, E Flat Cornet Solo: "Ben Bolt", Song from "Trilby"- Kneass Lem Wiley, "Dash" Gallop- Catline Spencer's Military Band under the direction of A. Moll. Advertisers: Chas. S. Duke & Co., Schipper and Block, Walter Wyatt, Turkish and Russian Baths, The F. H. Pfeiffer Crockery Co., Clarkson's Peerless Laundry, Central Electric Co., M. Henebery's, McDougal's Drug Store, The Mark Ament Music House, Walker & Wooke, A. Strumpf, Henning Cycle Co., The Tucker Furniture Co., Crawford & Co., Keefer & Gardner, Odontunder Dentist, Robinson & Whalen, A. S. Cole, Durkin the Druggist, The Big Four, Peoria Carriage & Harness Co., Godel's Royal Hams, John H. Bontjes, Dime Savings Bank, Home Savings and State Bank
  • Women's Club Music Hall Concert- Pupils of Florence Edna Balzer- 1903

    This program outlines the performances by the pupils of Florence Edna Balzer on June 10th, 1903 at the Peoria Wome's Club. Names of performers: Florence Edna Balzer, Orpha Ide Kendall, Edith M. Taylor, Maria Donly, Edger Donly, Maude M. Kendal, Jesie L. Mortag, Edith M. Taylor, C. Pearl Miller, Genevieve P. Anderson, Edith M. Taylor, Linna B. Whitfield, Frank Hirth, Arthur Dietrich