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  • Socialist Party of Peoria-Member List- Circa 1912

    This is a list of names and addresses of Peoria residents from 1912 written on Socialist Party of Peoria letterheads. It is likely a list of members of the Peoria Socialist Party. The first name on the list, Thomas B. Allen, was elected as Peoria's first Socialist alderman.
  • Glide Radiator Script- Circa 1908

    The Bartholomew Company placed these bronze scripts on the front of their 1908 and 1909 automobile radiators.
  • Gentlemen's Driving Club- Letter- 1900

    On September 2nd, 1900 Dr. John Scott wrote to George W. Curtiss of El Paso, Illinois to send his regrets about not being able to accommodate the El Paso fair due to a prior commitment to the Farmer City Fair. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: Office of the Gentlemen's Driving Club (incorporated)- Officers C. V. Oden, President- I Wantling, Vice President- Dr. John Scott, Secretary- George A. Albrecht, Ass't Sec'y and Treas.- - Directors- C. V. Oden, I. Wantling, F. J. Quinn, E. S. Easton, Geo. B. Starr, W. B. Woolner, Chas. Johnston
  • Graduation Violin Recital- Verna Murphy Harper-1906

    This is an invitation to a "Graduating Violin Recital" that was to take place June 19th, 1906. j Inside is a program that details the nights performances. CONTENTS ON COVER: Your presence is requested at the Graduating Violin Recital of Mrs. Verna Murphy Harper- Pupil of Harold Plowe- Assisted by Miss Elsie Bauer and Mrs. Arthur G. Smith- Peoria Conservator of Music- Tuesday evening, June nineteenth- ninteen hundred six- at eight fifteen.
  • Kinsey & Mahler Letter- 1882

    A youth named Dave writes to his friend Duncan about girls, horses, family, dancing, and friends. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: Office of Kinsey & Mahler- Manufactures and Dealers in Copper and Brass Work- Plumbers' Materials, Steam and Gass Fitters' Supplies, etc.,- Corner Adams and Harrison Streets. An engraving by Baker Co. is in the top left corner of the letterhead. It pictures a building with the following signs: bronzes- gas fixtures- Nason Printer- N. C. Nason- Book & Job Printer- Kinsey & Mahler- Kinsey & Mahler established 1850- Brass Founders & Smiths- Peoria Brass works- J. F. Steiger- Saws & Sickles- Adams St.
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