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Collection Preview

  • Peoria and Bureau Valley Railroad- Stock Certificate #50

    This early stock certificate for the Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad Company was issued on July 26th, 1855 to Richard Gregg of Peoria, IL. It was signed by the transfer agent Azariah C. Flagg and president Norman B Judd.
  • Downing & Olney- Trade Card- Circa 1886

    This is a trade card created to advertise Downing & Olney. It features a group of people standing near unsaddled horses. A little girl is hugging a foal. The bottom of the card has the following: Downing & Onley- Fine Boots and Shoes- 117 S. Adams St., Peoria, Ills. They were present at this address in 1886 and 1887.
  • Railway Ticket Office- Letter- May 1881

    Thomas H. Webb (1847-1928) wrote this letter on stationary from the Railway Ticket office in May of 1881. The letter is either unsigned or additional pages are missing. Letterhead contents: Thos. H. Webb- Railway Ticket Office- Smith's Block- N. 134 N. Adams St. opposite Peoria House
  • Railway Ticket Office- Letter- Jan 1881

    Thomas H. Webb (1847-1928) wrote this three page letter on stationary from the Railway Ticket office in January of 1881. Letterhead contents: Thos. H. Webb- Railway Ticket Office- Smith's Block- N. 134 N. Adams St. opposite Peoria House
  • Peoria Ladies Art Society- Constitution and By-Laws

    The Peoria Ladies Art Society created this copy of their constitution and by-laws in 1878, which was the year they were organized. A member has made changes and additions by hand. The following were officers and directors were listed: Clara P. Bourland, Mary Whiteside Emery, Mrs. Mary McClure, Miss Alice M. Dodge, Miss Jennie S. Stone, Mrs. Howard Knowles, Mrs. R. A. Culter, Mrs. J. T. Skinner, Miss Minnie Bills, Mrs. Anzaline Hurff, Mrs. George. W. Rouse, Miss Annie Kidder, Mrs. S. B. Armstrong
  • Iowa Central Railroad- Hanna Station

    This letter was sent using an Iowa Central Railroad letterhead from Hanna Station in Hanna City, IL. Wesley A. Diggins, who was staying in Farmington, sent this letter back to John Mitchell in Kendallville, IN.
  • P. S. Grosscup Letter to David McCulloch

    Peter Stenger Grosscup (1852-1921) writes to David McCulloch (1832-1907) in response to an inquiry made in the process of writing "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois: History of Peoria County." Peter Grosscup was asked about an event involving Lincoln and Douglas that Leonard Swett might have shared with him. Judge Grosscup could not recall, but did give a few words of encouragement about writing the history of Peoria County.
  • Horse Receipt on H. Sandmeyer & Co. Letterhead

    William C. Leitner wrote this receipt to Bertram E. Balzer, an employee of H. Sandmeyer & Co. Mr. Balzer made a payment on an account for the receipt of a horse and related equipment. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: H. Sandmeyer & Co. - Manufactures of the Pleasant Home Furnace, Galvanized Iron cornices, sky lights and all kinds of roofing. - Stoves. Hardware- 215 South Adams St.- H. Sandmeyer Sr.- G. P. Sandmeyer- W. D. Dickson- H. Sandmeyer Jr.
  • Lakeview Driving Park- Program- 1888

    This program lists races taking place at the Lakeview Driving Park on July 24-27th of 1888.
  • Annie Pettengill

    Pictured is Moses Pettengill's granddaughter, Annie T. Pettengill (1881-1967). She was the daughter of Blanchard Pettengill who was the adopted son of Moses Pettengill. At the time this photo was taken she was living in what is currently known as the Pettengill–Morron House. (1212 W Moss Ave, Peoria, IL 61606) This tintype photo was taken by Star Gallery of Peoria.
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