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  • Bradley Ploytechnic Institute- Harry G. Paul Lecture Course- 1906

    This "folder" contains information regarding six lectures that were to take place in the Spring of 1907 at Bradley Polytechnic Instutitute. Harry G. Paul was to deliver lectures on Benjamin Franklin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allen Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and James Russell Lowell.
  • Henry H. Shufeldt and Co.- Distillery Sketch on Letterhead

    A diagram for a distillery is sketched on the back of this Henry H. Shufeldt Letterhead. It is initiated with "ENP" and dated 2/24/1908. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: Peoria, Chicago, New York- Henry H. Schufeldt & Co.- Peoria Branch- Double Stamp Ryes and Bourbons- Capacity 40,000 Gallons Daily- Imperial Gin- Henry H. Schufeldt Co.- HHS & Co.- Chicago branch- Fine Compounds of all Descriptions- Capacity 25,000 Gallons Daily- Rye Malt Gin- Henry H. Schufeldt & Co.- H.H.S. & Co.- Distillers & Blenders - Imperial Distillery- Trade mark- H.H.S. & Co.- Blending house Established 1857- Distillery established 1849- Peoria, ILLS U. S. A.
  • The Bartholomew Company

    Dated October, 2, 1905, this is a letter From The Bartholomew Company to Carl E. L. Lipman of Beloit, Wisconsin regarding the payment for an invoice sent on July 26th. It is stamped by the Treasurer, Orie Y. Bartholomew. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: J.B. Bartholomew, Prest.; C.A. Bartholomew, V. Prest.; E. M. Voorhees, Secretary.; O. Y. BARTHOLOMEW, Treas.; R.O. Stutsman, Supt.- The Bartholomew Company- Manufactures of Automobiles. Etc.- South Wing of Factory- Noth Wing of Factory- Cable Address "Glide" Western Union Code.-
  • The Bartholomew Company- Letter- November 1, 1904

    The Bartholomew Company wrote this letter to Carl E. L. Lipman of Beloit, Wisconsin on November 1, 1904. The letter confirmed the order of 25 #20 geared pumps. It is stamped by the Treasurer, Orie Y. Bartholomew. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: The Glide.- Style A, with Tonneau- J.B. Bartholomew; Pres., C. A. Bartholomew, V.-Pres.; E. M. Voorhees, Sec'y; O. Y. Bartholomew, Treas.; R. O. Stutsman, Supt.- The Bartholomew Company,- Manufactures of Automobiles, etc.- Peoria, ILL., U.S.A.
  • Riverboat Excursion Ticket-Peoria to Chillicothe- Aug. 24, 1889

    This is a round trip excursion ticket stub from Peoria to Chillicothe. The front of the ticket stub says "Grey Eagle," but it was a ticket for a riverboat named Rescue. According to the 1889 Peoria city directory, the Rescue was owned by Solomon York of Peoria. On the back it is dated Aug. 24, 1889. The steamer's name, Rescue, is stamped above the date. According to p. 642 of The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Peoria County volume 2, "Gray [sic] Eagle" was the name of a steamer that was used by Solomon York prior to acquiring the "Rescue."
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