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  • The Pabst- Saloon Letterhead- circa 1898

    This is a clipped letterhead for The Pabst Cafe. This restaurant and saloon was affiliated with Pabst Brewing company and owned by William F. Meidroth (1856-1938). Contents of letterhead: The Pabst- W. F. Meidroth, Propr.- 108-110-112-114 S. Jefferson Ave.- Cave in Connection- Telephone 399
  • William F. Meidroth Letterhead- circa 1901

    This was William F. Meidroth's (1856-1938) clipped letterhead. He operated the Meidroth Buffet in the Jefferson Building from October 1901 until about 1913. Contents of letterhead: W. F. Meidroth- Jefferson Building- Peoria, Illinois
  • W. F. Meidroth Business Card- circa 1901

    This was William F. Meidroth's (1856-1938) business card. He operated the Meidroth Buffet from October 1901 until about 1913. Contents of business card: W. F. Meidroth- Peoria, Illinois.- Proprietor- Meidroth Buffet- 104 S. Jefferson Ave.
  • Lehmann Building Saloon- W. F. Meidroth Letterhead-1919

    William F. Meidroth (1856-1938) owned and operated this saloon in 1919. It was located in the newly constructed Lehmann Building in Peoria. Contents of letterhead: W. F. Meidroth- Buffet, Billard and Pool Room- Lehmann Building (downstairs)- Phone M-8763- General Agent for Gavitt's System Regulator- A great remedy for rheumatism, headache, la grippe, dyspepsia, kidney, liver, sthomach and blood troubles- Will mail box to any address upon receipt of price, $1.00
  • John J. Weed-Letter- 1864

    John J Weed writes to Henry L Nichols, the brother of his wife Fannie. The bulk of John's letter is about his concerns regarding Abraham Lincoln and his commitment to the abolish slavery. These sentiments might be the source of Lincoln's hesitation regarding appointing Weed to a position in his administration. For more information on the matter, consult available letters within the National Archives collection. In addition to Lincoln, John discusses his wife, an upcoming trip, court, and possible travels to New Orleans for investment opportunities. Fannie interrupted his writing with her own note while John was distracted by a visitor.
  • Henry H. Schufeldt and Company- Letter- 1911

    Harvey S Austrian writes to C. J. A. Holmgren, editor and manager of Forum of Conscience and Love, regarding a "contribution." LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: Peoria, Chicago, New York- Henry H. Schufeldt & Co.- Peoria Branch- Double Stamp Ryes and Burbons- Capacity 40,000 Gallons Daily- H. S. Austrian Manager- Chicago branch- Fine Compounds of all Descriptions- Capacity 25,000 Gallons Daily Distillers & Blenders of High Grade Whiskies & Cordials- Imperial Distillery- Henry H. Schufeldt & Co.- Blending house Established 1857- Distillery established 1849
  • David McCulloch Letter to Edward D. McCulloch-1898

    David McCulloch (1832-1907) writes to his son, Edward Dickinson McCulloch (1860-1951), on July 9, 1898 about a variety of topics. He discusses his recent visit to Chicago, complains about lack of newspapers in Bay View Michigan, discusses his health and following Dr. Davis' prescription, the weather in Bay View, references to a "Randall Bill" and other business matters, Dr. Johnson, E. W. Coy, ants in the garden, and caterpillars in the walnut trees. It is addressed to the YMCA building in Peoria, IL where their law practice was located.
  • Moses Bailey- Letter- 1840

    Moses Bailey (1805-1852) writes to then Peoria citizen Lawrason Riggs (1814-1884) regarding the acceptance of canal script or state bonds for payment on a plot of land. Mr. Riggs wrote a note on the front of the letter stating his agreed upon terms.
  • The National- Hotel Letterhead- 1884

    Hotel manager, John J. McGrath, writes to Thomas W. Scott of Fairfield, IL. In his letter he mentions Harry C. Parker, traffic manger for the Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway Union Depot and George L. Bradbury, vice-president and general manager of the Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway Union Depot. LETTERHEAD CONTENTS: The National- Rivers & McGrath Proprietors The National Hotel used this letterhead while under the ownership of Col. Robert E. Rivers and John J. McGrath. The two additional images are the front and back of the envelope that the letter was sent in.
  • Eagle Electric Works- Stock Certificate

    This is an unissued stock certificate of Eagle Electric Works. They produced a variety electric generators for producing direct and indirect current. This company was first known as Eagle Electric & Manufacturing Company of Peoria, but around 1897 they changed their name to Eagle Electric Works and moved operations to Washington, IL. By 1906 they had moved their main office back to Peoria and occupied space in the Woolner building.
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