Corn Carnival Choir- Recruitment Advertisement- 1900



Corn Carnival Choir- Recruitment Advertisement- 1900


The Carnival Choir Committee published this recruitment pamphlet in order to gather singers for the opening of the 1900 Peoria Corn Carnival. Directions on how to join, what songs would be sung, and membership responsibilities are discussed. Eugene Plowe was to be the musical director.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Eugene Plowe, R. R. Bourland, Rowland H. Harned, J. N. Ward, L. F. Gibson, Rev. Alfred Appell, Miss Anna M. Allen, Charles S. Burdick, John G. Brodman, Mrs. M. Bennett, Fred. W. Bracken, Miss Annie B. Bailey, Mrs. T. C. Burgess, Prof. A. W. Beasley, Prof. C. E. Comstock, Otto G. Davison, John C. Dunseth, Mrs. W. N. Fisher, U. C. Grooms, E. Warren K. Howe, Mrs. P. S. Hickey, Elwood E. Knisley, Earnest J. Kemnitz, Hugo Laue, Mrs. E. D. McCulloch, Harled Plowe, Rev. J. P. Quinn, Miss Clara H. Rees, John W. Ryan, Miss Lillian A. Smith, Prof. W. Semmelmann, John Thobe, Frank T. Todd, Henry F. Velde, William R. Wiley, Louis Ph. Wolf, Charles T. Wernet, Miss Jessie Weston, E. L. Brown, Miss Jessie Gillette, Miss Rie Henry, Mrs. Jones, Miss Addie Jansen, Miss Lulu M. Lakin, Mrs. H. R. Northrup, Miss Orendorff, Mr. Pulsipher, Miss Pickrel, Mrs. Jennie Richmond, Mrs. B. Warren, Mrs. Alice Price Zanies


PRINTER: Economy Printing House
AUTHOR: L. F. Gibson, Secretary for the Choir Committee
OWNER: Phillip Mott


The Carnival Choir Committee


1900-04-02 to 1900-10-03
Peoria, IL
Elmwood, IL
Dunlap, IL
Princeville, IL
Henry, IL
Pekin, IL
Eureka, IL
Havana, IL
Delevan, IL
Brimfield, IL
El Paso, IL
Lacon, IL
Chillicothe, IL
Washington, IL

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